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To contribute to this Holacracy Wiki, you will first need an account. You can request one using the Request Account link in the upper-right corner of every page.

This Wiki is meant to explain and document the rules of Holacracy and their application to real business cases. It's currently *NOT* intended to discuss possible changes to the Holacracy Constitution itself — although that may change later.

General guidelines

This Wiki is currently in Beta version — it's available for testing by a limited number of users interested in trying it out.

Here are some guidelines to follow to contribute to this Wiki in the best way possible:

  • Feel free to modify existing pages to improve them (and understand that what you write might be improved upon by others).
  • Feel free to create new pages.
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes: it's a Wiki, we can always improve what you did, or even revert the changes if needed.
  • All the content you add should be aligned with the rules of the latest version of the Holacracy Constitution.
  • Avoid using "I" language in the public-facing content; this Wiki isn't meant as a space for personal opinion and debate. However, it's okay if your personal opinions and interpretations inform what you write about Holacracy (they always do).

Editing a page is easy

Go to the page you want to edit, and if it's open to being edited, you will see an "Edit" tab and just have to click on it.

Wiki editing page.gif

Creating a page is easy

Before creating a new page, use the Search function to make sure a similar page doesn't already exists. To create a page, simply "go" to this page by entering its name in your browser URL bar, and create it.

Wiki creating page.gif

Need more help?

If you need help for doing other things on a Wiki (e.g. how to format text, insert images, upload files, add pages to categories, etc.), please consult the general Wiki help.