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One of every partner's duties, according to the Holacracy Constitution, is to maintain a "tangible system outside their mind" to track their projects and actions, and to keep that system up to date. (1.2.4 Tracking Projects & Next-Actions)

One way to organize your tangible system is use the Getting Things Done® (GTD) method, developed by David Allen. Glassfrog can be used to track Projects and Actions transparently.

Getting Things Done®

Basic principles

  • Track all your stuff in a system vs. your mind, so you can use your mind for other things
  • What to track?
    • Outcomes
    • Next actions / next steps (not necessary to have all the steps laid out in advance). That way when you’re ready to work, take an action and do

Trusted system

  • Get stuff out of your mind & mailbox
  • Empty your inbox: process “stuff"
    • Is there something to do? → define the Action
    • Is there an outcome to achieve? → capture a Project
    • To process in a meeting? → add to Agenda list
    • Waiting on something? → add to Waiting or Trigger list
    • Just for reference? → File it
    • Nothing to do → Trash it
  • How to Organize
    • Sort actions by Context
      • At Computer, At Phone, Errands, etc.
    • Sort projects into Current or Someday/Maybe
    • List Waiting On
    • List Agenda Items
    • List Triggers / trigger system
    • Maintain a Filing system
  • Weekly Review
    • Empty inbox / Do mindsweep
    • Review all Next Actions and update them
    • Review all current Projects
    • Capture a next action / waiting on
    • Review Waiting On’s and Triggers, & update them
    • Review Roles, Accountabilities → capture new projects & actions as needed


Alternatives to GTD