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One of every partner's duties, according to the Holacracy Constitution, is to maintain an individual trusted system to track their projects and actions, and to keep that system up to date. See

Getting Things Done®

One way to organize your trusted system is use the Getting Things Done® (GTD) method, developed by David Allen.

Basic principles

  • Track all your stuff in a system vs. your mind, so you can use your mind for other things
  • What to track?
    • Outcomes
    • Next actions / next steps (not necessary to have all the steps laid out in advance). That way when you’re ready to work, take an action and do

Trusted system

  • Get stuff out of your mind & mailbox
  • Empty your inbox: process “stuff"
    • Is there something to do? → define the Action
    • Is there an outcome to achieve? → capture a Project
    • To process in a meeting? → add to Agenda list
    • Waiting on something? → add to Waiting or Trigger list
    • Just for reference? → File it
    • Nothing to do → Trash it
  • How to Organize
    • Sort actions by Context
      • At Computer, At Phone, Errands, etc.
    • Sort projects into Current or Someday/Maybe
    • List Waiting On
    • List Agenda Items
    • List Triggers / trigger system
    • Maintain a Filing system
  • Weekly Review
    • Empty inbox / Do mindsweep
    • Review all Next Actions and update them
    • Review all current Projects
    • Capture a next action / waiting on
    • Review Waiting On’s and Triggers, & update them
    • Review Roles, Accountabilities → capture new projects & actions as needed